Why Ship Water?

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Are you currently purchasing ready to use beverages, milk, sauces, puddings, syrup, or meals? Did you know that what you’re paying for is mostly water?

Consider that a typical can of ready to use tomatoes is 89% water. Beverages are often little more than water with some added flavoring. The same is true for most gravies, sauces, and even pudding and gelatin.

On the other hand, buying powdered and dehydrated food products eliminates the water, offering substantial savings, along with greater safety, less waste, and increased storage space at your facility.

Let’s take a look at the details…

Save on Freight

Freight costs are rising every day. It’s not hard to see why when you consider the current shortage of truck drivers that is predicted to rise to 239,000 by 2022. As a result of the driver shortage, truck driver wages have increased 17% in the last 2 years alone.

One way to offset freight costs is to reduce the shipping weight on orders. After all, the more your package weighs, the more it costs to get it to your facility.

One way to reduce shipping weight is to order products without water. Consider the difference in freight costs for a typical staple – Tomato Sauce.

Ready to Use Tomato Sauce

Ready to use tomato sauce is 89% water.

6 #10 cans = 660 oz. or 39.75 lbs.
LTL freight is $0.15 per lb.

39.75 lbs. X $.015 = $5.96 in freight charges.

Since we know that 89% of the weight is from the water in the product that means that 35.37 lbs of your shipment of 39.75 lbs of tomato sauce is WATER. That means $5.30 of the $5.96 in freight charges is paid for the water in the product.

Those 10 cans equal 165, 4 oz servings.
If we divide the shipping cost ($5.96) by the number of servings (165) the freight cost comes in at $0.036 per serving.

Dehydrated Tomato Sauce

Contrast that with dehydrated tomatoes:

6 – 12.5 oz bags will yield 660 oz. or 4.7 lbs.
4.7 lbs X $0.15 = $.70

Those 6, 12.5 oz bags will yield 165, 4 oz servings (the same number of servings as the ready to use sauce)

But when you divide $.70 in shipping costs by 165 servings, your freight cost is only $0.00424 per serving.

That’s a savings of 737%!

1000 (inmates) X .03176 (the freight savings per serving) X 4 (orders per month) X 12 (months in the year)

Now, let’s multiply the freight savings per serving by the number of inmates:

That’s an annual savings of $1521.60 on just one line item!!

How would an extra $1500 in savings for just one item look on your bottom line?

Save Space

Powdered and dehydrated products are also much more efficient to store. For example, one case of 4, 1-gallon, ready to use cans consumes 1.06 cube space. A dry product that yields the same number of servings only consumes .33 cube space.

That’s 221% more storage space!

Promote Safety

Reducing the weight of the products increases safety at your facility for a number of reasons.

  • Ready to use cans can be used as weapons by inmates. Our powdered and dehydrated products eliminate this risk.
  • Ready to use cans need to be opened with sharp implements. The lids of the cans themselves can also be sharp, creating risks for injury.
  • Ready to use products that are mostly water weigh more and put a greater strain on employees.
    • Lifting 10 lbs. bent over can place 100 lbs. of force on the back.
    • Lifting 50 lbs. bent over can place 500 lbs. of force on the back.

By eliminating the water you reduce the weight employees need to lift by 700%.

Less Packaging and Waste

Cans and plastic jugs for ready to use products consume more space and produce more waste, greatly impacting your disposals costs. Powdered and disposable products are much more cost-efficient and environmentally friendly.

Ready to reduce shipping costs, save space, eliminate waste, and increase safety?

Eliminate water with a complete line of quality powdered and dehydrated food products from Food Concepts.